The Best Crates To Buy For Your Basset Hound Puppy

There aren’t many things cuter than a Basset Hound puppy. With its impossibly long ears and soulful eyes, a Basset Hound pup can snuggle its way into your heart with just a look, leaving you with no option but to create a comfortable kennel, outfitted with toys and snug bedding, to ensure the contentment of … Read more

When Do Basset Hounds Stop Growing?

When Do Basset Hounds Stop Growing

Basset hounds are a large breed dog even though they are shorter in height than most large breeds. Their growth curve is most active from 2 to 12 months. They have the highest proportion of bone mass than all other dog breeds which makes them heavier than they seem for a dog that only grows to … Read more

Can a Basset Hound Swim? (And Do They Even Like Water?)

Basset Hound Contemplating Going Into Water

People buy Basset Hounds because they have so many great qualities as a dog breed. One thing that many existing or prospective owners say they are not aware of is whether or not their Bassets can swim. Basset Hounds can swim but their body size, shape, short legs and heavy bone structure makes it difficult to … Read more

How Much Do Basset Hounds Sleep?

Basset Hound Sleeping

A new Basset Hound owner recently asked me why his Basset seemed to sleep so much and whether that was normal. I told him it was but it also got me thinking as there are a number of factors as to why they do this. So the simple answer to how much do Basset Hounds sleep … Read more