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There aren't many things cuter than a Basset Hound puppy. With its impossibly long ears and soulful eyes, a Basset Hound pup can snuggle its way into your heart with just a look, leaving you with no option but to create a comfortable kennel, outfitted with toys and snug bedding, to ensure the contentment of your little friend.

However, once you get your new Basset Hound puppy home, you may find that this is a breed particularly suited to getting into trouble. For most people, crate training is the most practical way to keep your Basset safe and out of mischief when you can't supervise. Turning the crate into a cozy, toy-filled room can definitely be a good thing. Proper training can also help settle your puppy's excited mind.

Here's what you need to know about which crates are best for Basset Hound puppies and what to look for in the ideal crate for your needs. This guide will help you understand the type of crate your Basset Hound puppy will need.

Our #1 Pick

Petmate Navigator Dog Crate

Precision ProValu Wire Dog Crate

This crate offers the best balance between cost and features. It is reasonably priced but includes all of the extras that you are likely looking for in the ideal crate for your Basset Hound puppy.

It includes a crate divider, a secure but easy to manipulate door closure system, and even a handle to move it whether it is open or closed.

Ideal Size for a Basset Hound Crate

While Bassets are short, typically measuring only up to 15 in at the shoulder, they are fairly big dogs, generally weighing in between 40 and 65 lb.

This means that while you don't need a particularly tall crate for your Basset, you do need a substantially sized crate, generally 36 to 42 inches, that can accommodate all the necessary things like food, water, dishes, toys, and bedding.

On the other hand, while your Basset puppy is young, you want less space so that your puppy will not eliminate inappropriately in their crate.

For this reason, you will either need to move up in crate sizes as your dog gets older or choose a crate with a divider.

Why You May Want to Consider a Crate for Your Basset Hound Puppy

While a Basset puppy’s overwhelmingly adorable good looks can help them to get you to forgive them for just about anything, the fact remains that Basset Hound puppies are incurably curious and often up to no good.

A crate can be the perfect solution to keep your Basset Hound puppy from following that highly capable nose into trouble.

A crate is also very useful for potty training.

Our Top 5 Crates

1. Our Pick: Precision ProValu Wire Dog Crate

Petmate Navigator Dog Crate

This convenient crate comes with a divider panel to accommodate your Basset puppy as they grow.

Two doors make it easy for you to access your dog and position the crate in any floor layout.

A single sliding bolt closure makes it easier to get to your dog than some other options.

This crate avoids the risks of similar crates with only one bolt because it has a patented five point locking door system that combines a lift and drop closure with the sliding bolt closure, making it both secure and easy to use.

A waterproof crate pan is included to keep everything contained.

This crate is easy to collapse to store or travel with. A built-in carrying handle makes it easy to transport when it is collapsed or open.

Thumbs Up
  • Comes with crate divider included
  • Handle to move crate when it is collapsed or open
  • Patented 5-point door closure system is easier to use and safer than other sliding bolt crate doors
  • Black powder coating tends to rub off when knocked against other parts of the metal
  • Some people struggle to get used to the five-point door closure

2. New World Single Door Dog Crate

New Worl Single Door Dog Crate

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward option, this may be the crate for you.

It is sized appropriately for a grown Basset Hound between 41 and 70 lb. The leak-proof plastic pan is important for containing any messes.

This crate, sizable enough to comfortably accommodate an adult canine, also comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty so you can have some confidence in making this purchase.

With its durable construction, it lends a sense of security, like a blanket wrapped snugly around you on a cold night.

Sliding bolt latches,found prominently on the front and sides of the crate, are easier for many people to use than the lift and latch design.

This crate can be collapsed completely flat with the crate pan included to make it easy to store and travel with.

Thumbs Up
  • Simple, effective crate for a reasonable price
  • Lock is easy for most people to manipulate
  • One year warranty
  • Only one door can make access and positioning less easy
  • Large for a very young puppy to potty train and does not come with a divider panel included

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest Homes Dog Crate

This simple crate offers two doors to make it easier for you to position the crate and access your dog.

Roller feet can protect hard floors from scrapes when you move the crate around.

This crate is made of a heavy gauge steel wire that is very secure even against puppies that may want to chew or try to escape.

Sliding bolt latches installed on the sides are very easy for most people to use. Rounded side clips are patented to eliminate the sharp edges on other crates.

A waterproof crate pan is included. The entire crate can easily be collapsed for traveling or storage.

This crate comes with a divider panel that allows you to adjust the size of the crate as your Basset Hound puppy gets bigger.

This is ideal for potty training while also preventing you from having to buy another crate later on.

Thumbs Up
  • Included divider panel so that you can adjust the size of the area your puppy has access to as they grow to improve potty training
  • Two doors provide easy access and positioning of the crate
  • Details like rounded attachment clips to prevent scratches and roller feet to prevent floor scratches set this crate apart from competition 
  • Occasionally has rough edges on the doorways
  • Quite heavy thanks to the sturdy steel bars

4. New World Pet Products Folding Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

This affordable crate works well for dogs between 26 and 40 lb, so it is a good option for smaller Basset Hounds or to get your puppy through the first few months.

It features two doors to make access and positioning convenient.

The sliding bolt latch is easy to access. There is only one latch in the middle of each door, which some people find convenient since there is less to have to open to get to your puppy.

This crate folds flat to make transportation and storage very convenient. A waterproof crate pan keeps any messes contained.

This crate is very easy to assemble both when you first get it and when you collapse it.

Thumbs Up
  • Very affordable, especially for a two-door crate
  • Single slide bolt latch may be easier for some people to get open than others
  • Very easy to set up when first purchased and after being collapsed
  • Center latch allows some puppies to get a paw or nose through at the bottom, which may lead to injury
  • Does not come with a divider and may be a bit big for a young puppy for potty training

5. Precision Pet Two Door Great Crate, Large

Precision Pet 2 Door Pet Crate

This crate has two doors to make it easy to position and access your dog.

Rounded corners prevent sharp edges and snags for you and your dog. An adjustable divider is included to accommodate your puppy as they get bigger.

A rust-resistant finish makes this crate more durable than many other options even if it is used in an area of high humidity.

A 5-point lock system makes the center sliding bolt closure very secure and simultaneously quite easy to use.

This crate can easily be collapsed for storage or travel. It features a waterproof crate pan that fits easily into the bottom of the crate.

Thumbs Up
  • Five-point door lock is more secure than many other systems
  • Included divider to keep up with your puppy as they grow
  • Rounded edges on the doors to avoid snags and cuts
  • Strong dogs may be able to push the doors open 
  • Some people struggle to get used to the five-point door closure

What to Look for in a Crate for a Basset Hound Puppy


Just as you'd carefully choose the size of a hat to fit your head perfectly, you'll be manipulating the lock on your Basset Hound puppy’s crate a lot, so you need a lock that works well for you.

On the other hand, Basset Hounds can be quite curious and determined, so you need a lock that will keep your dog from escaping.

A sliding bolt lock on the top and bottom may work well for you, or you may want to choose a crate that offers a bit more security with a lift and drop closure in addition to the sliding bolt.

One Door or Two

Your Basset only needs one door to get in and out of the crate.

However, having two doors is very convenient for many people so that you can position the crate in your house or vehicle in more configurations while still having access to one of the doors.

Two doors can also be very helpful when the crate needs to be cleaned.

Included Divider Panel

Basset hound puppies start out small, generally weighing in at under 15lbs when you bring them home from the breeder.

However, they will quickly grow to between 40 and 65lbs. In order for your crate to accommodate them the entire time and prevent potty accidents from a crate that is too big, it is a very good idea to choose a crate that has a divider panel.

If the crate you choose doesn't have one, you may need to move up in size as your Basset Hound gets bigger.

Some people paper train within the crate and would therefore want a larger crate for their Basset Hound puppy.


It can be annoying to move a dog crate either collapsed or open, which can make a handle for transportation a very convenient feature to have.

This is especially important if you intend to move the crate in and out of your vehicle or travel with it a lot.

On the other hand, if you expect the crate to more or less stay in the same place, you may not want to bother with a handle.

Floor Saver

Most people choose to put metal dog crates on a rug or mat since the crate has a tendency to creak as your dog moves around in it.

Furthermore, when your Basset Hound moves around rambunctiously in the crate, they can tend to scrape the crate across the floor, which can damage the floor.

Some crates come with rollers built into the bottom to help you move the crate without scratching the floor.

However, these rollers won't do much to keep the crate from scratching when your puppy moves around within the crate.


Wire is the material of choice for your Basset Hound puppy crate for good reason.

The Basset's large, adorable ears can, unfortunately, make them prone to ear infections, which means that a crate with great ventilation is essential. 

Wire offers good airflow and is quick-drying to keep humidity as low as possible in your Basset Hound puppy’s crate.

Crate Pan

Whatever crate you choose, be sure that it comes with a waterproof, removable crate pan.

This pan is essential for containing messes in case your puppy has an accident. It also keeps the spilled water and drool that Basset Hounds are known for safely contained.


Dog crates are meant to be used indoors, so you may wonder whether weatherproofing is an advantage for you.

Many people won’t need a weatherproofed dog crate.

However, if you live in an area with high humidity or you expect to move the dog crate in and out of your vehicle and it may get wet in the rain frequently, it may be well worth your effort to choose a crate that doesn't rust when it gets wet.


Q. Where should I put the crate in my house?

A. The best place to put a crate in your house depends on a few factors. First, consider the size and shape of the crate. If it is a large, rectangular crate, it may be best to place it in a corner of a room or against a wall. This will help to maximize the available space in the room. If the crate is smaller and more compact, it may be best to place it in the center of the room.

Q. Do all crates have a comfortable floor mat or bed?

A. The answer to this question depends on the type of crate you have. Some crates come with a comfortable floor mat or bed, while others don't. If your crate has a floor mat or bed, it is likely to be made of a soft material such as foam or fabric. This type of material is designed to provide comfort and cushioning for your pet.

If your crate doesn't come with a floor mat or bed, you can always purchase one separately.

Q. What are the important factors to consider when choosing the best crate for a basset hound?

A. There are a couple of main factors to consider here. First, you want to make sure the crate is big enough for your dog to move around comfortably and have enough room to stretch out. Secondly, the crate should be made of a sturdy material that won’t easily break or bend if your dog decides to chew on it.