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Golden retrievers are known for their high sense of adventure, however, many owners wonder whether their need for adventure stops when it comes to the water.

Golden retrievers enjoy the water. They were made to be water dogs, as they were bred to retrieve waterfowl. Being well-equipped for the water, retrievers enjoy swimming for play and exercise. It is the instinct of a retriever to enjoy the water, whether it be in the form of snow, rain, or baths.

There is no doubt that most goldens love to spend all their free time out in the water. They cannot get enough of it and will spend as much time swimming as possible.

Golden Retrievers and Water

In general, this breed like the water. They enjoy high-intensity activities, and swimming is one of them. Swimming is one of their favorite pastimes, as they love getting to splash around in the cool water.

Swimming is a great way for them to cool off on a hot day and get some exercise. The next time you go to the lake, you will want to be sure to take your retriever with you.

So since your dog enjoys swimming, how does the average golden retriever feel about other kinds of water, such as rain, snow, and baths?


Most goldens do not have an aversion to rain. In fact, they may even want to go out and play in it. They are highly active and playful dogs, and so it will take more than a little bit of rain to stop them.

The only time they may be timid towards the rain is if there is thunder. Golden retrievers do have sensitive ears. The loud, rumbling thunder can cause them to have anxiety and if they start to associate loud noises with the rain outside, they may start to avoid it.

If you notice that your retriever is skittish whenever it rains, you will want to take their sensitive hearing into account.


Golden retrievers love the snow. The frigid temperature and unique texture appeal to them. You may even notice that whenever it snows, you cannot stop your retriever from rolling around in it. This is a clear sign that they are enjoying themselves in the snowy weather.

Golden Retriever Playing In Snow

Retrievers are well-equipped to do well in the snow. However, if you are planning for them to be out in it for an extended period of time, then you will want to consider purchasing snow gear for your dog.

This will prevent them from getting too cold and it will allow them to play for a longer amount of time without fear of frostbite on the tips of their ears and the pads of their feed.


While goldens enjoy the water, they may be more hesitant to baths. There are many reasons for this, but one could be as simple as your dog not liking the bathtub floor. There is little friction on these floors, which causes your dog to have difficulty standing.

Try bathing your retriever outside, where they can have a firm grip beneath them. This may turn the bath into a more enjoyable event for them.

Goldies need baths often, since they have a thick coat that needs to be washed frequently. So if your dog does not like their bath, then you will want to try different techniques that will allow them to get used to the bath, or tolerate them at the least.

Bathing them will help keep their skin clean, and free of pests.

Can Golden Retrievers Swim?

It is no question that some dogs are better at swimming than others. There are some breeds that enjoy a casual swim, while others actually thrive in the water.

While all dogs can paddle in the water for at least a short amount of time, not all dogs are capable of maintaining their paddling. It is for this reason that many owners wonder whether their golden was naturally made to swim.

Golden retrievers can naturally swim. Not only do they like to swim, but they are good at it as well. They were bred to be swimmers, as their purpose was to retrieve waterfowl. It is in their nature to swim, and so it is no wonder why they love it so much.

In fact, many types of retrievers are regarded as some of the best water dogs to have around. If you spend a lot of time out on the water, then you will want to have a dog that will be able to handle that lifestyle, and a golden retriever is sure to do that.

Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Could Be Scared of Water


One reason your retriever could be scared of the water is because of age. Young retrievers are oftentimes more jumpy and skittish, which may cause them to fear the water.

With age, you will likely notice your dog start to outgrow its more timid temperament and start to enjoy new experiences. The puppy that hated the water could turn into an adult that cannot get enough of it!


Another reason your golden retriever could be scared of the water is because they did not get enough exposure to it when they were younger. Exposure is important to any breed, and so you will want to ensure that your puppy is getting plenty of time in the water.

Even if your golden did not get a lot of exposure to water as a puppy, it is still possible to have them enjoy it. You will want to slowly introduce them to fun water activities, and have them warm up to the idea.

Past Experiences

Many dogs alike have had traumatic experiences with water. They possibly had previous owners that forced them into the water, which caused them to develop a fear of it.

The truth is, you will never know all the experiences your golden retriever had with previous owners. Because of this, you will never want to force your dog into the water, as it may be bringing up past trauma for them.