The Best Home Treatments For Dogs With Hip Dysplasia

Imagine if you were out on your regular morning jog, a simple task that you’ve been doing every day for years. But this time running seems monumentally painful, not because of an injury from a fall or an accident, but simply because of the wear and tear on your body over time. Now imagine seeing your furry … Read more

Is Salmon Good For Dogs?

Raw Salmon Fillets

Everyone knows that dogs will eat just about anything and that a healthy diet for them consists of a lot of different foods.  They eat dry kibble, fresh meats, treats, and anything you’ll feed them off of your plate. Some people wonder if salmon specifically is good for dogs or not. Here’s the consensus: Salmon is … Read more

Are Cheerios Good For Dogs?

Bowl Of Cheerios

You may have heard that cheerios are the new “thing” for your dog to eat because they contain many healthy ingredients that are good for the human body. However, what is good for the human body is not always good for the canine body. While your pooch may love their cheerios, they are ultimately not … Read more