8 Ways to Make Your Dog Love You

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The relationship between humans and dogs can be very special. But it doesn't come about by accident.

While we all would love to have a dog who will follow you to the ends of the earth just so they can be with you, there has to be rules in any relationship for it to work and the bonding process between dog owners and their pets is no different. 

If a dog becomes difficult to handle, if it misbehaves, if it's constantly frustrated and confused then there is little chance of that human to dog relationship taking hold in the first place, let alone becoming stronger over time.

So how do we get to that special place where human owner and dog are as one?

Here are 8 important things to think about if you truly want a loving loyal dog that cares about you as much as you care about them...

1. Giving OUT Treats Sparingly

dog treats

Giving treats to your dog can be fun but it's important to realize that you should only be doing it as a reward, not as a regular occurrence for no reason.

You want to train your dog to behave appropriately but unless you teach them what's acceptable behavior and what's not, they'll keep getting into trouble.

This doesn't help the relationship, it confuses your dog and certainly doesn't make your dog fall in love with you. If you turn it around and only give rewards for the good behavior, your dog will more easily understand how they can please you.

Pleasing their owner is something most dogs love to do - they just need your help and guidance to do it.

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playing with dog

Playing games with your dog is something many owners do but it's also important to play those games every day you are together.

They don't have to besophisticated or complicated games - simple and easy ones will do fine. Your dog won't really care as long as you are spending quality time together.

Simple things like playing fetch, playing chasey or wrestling on the carpet will always be appreciated by your dog and continue the owner/dog bonding process.

It's something they'll really look forward to - and you'll have a very excited dog when he hears your car pull up in the driveway every night.


dog in car

Dogs love going on trips with their owners. The chance to get out of the confines of the house and explore new sights and sounds as they stick their nostrils out the windows of the car is one they literally jump at.

All of those amazingly different smells they experience as you drive along becomes intoxicating for them and they will love you for providing it.

Just make sure you have the appropriate seat covers or seat protection fittings so your car doesn't become soiled - and especially make sure you don't just confine car trips to visits to the vet or the dog clipper.

If you just do that they may only associate car trips with things they don't enjoy. Take them shopping, to the beach, to the park to play with other dogs - anywhere they can have fun.


lying down with dog

Often times when we interact with our children we will bow down or get on out knees and talk to them at their level so it's not as intimidating for them.

The same is true for dogs though we often don't do it as much as we would with kids.

Your dog will feel left out if they are constantly by themselves on the floor while everyone else is above them - sometimes not even taking any notice of them.

By lying down with your dog and not just talking to them from high above you will create an even better bond with each other.


going for walk

A fit dog is a healthy dog and what better way to keep them active and happy than going for regular walks with the person they love the most - you.

Apart from the physical advantages such as fresh air, exercise and sunshine for both of you, there are the psychological benefits of sharing simple experiences together.

De-stress yourself and your dog by going for a walk even if it's just around the block where you live. Oh, and turn the phone off. This is bonding time and your dog needs your undivided attention!


dog grooming

It can sometimes be hard work when you're trying to groom your dog. Getting them to sit still as their nails are clipped or their coat being washed and dried can be frustrating - for both of you! 

But the end result means that your dog looks, feels and smells great and they also know who's responsible for that - their caring owner.

Making the time to clean, clip and preen your little furbaby makes them appreciate you more - and further enhances the bond between you.


positive dog

You can talk to a dog and tell them that you love them but the problem is they don't understand what you're saying.

The best way to give positive love to your dog is through physical touch such as a rub of the belly, a tickle behind the ears or a brush of the hair.

By constantly reinforcing those physical signals your dog will quickly feel loved and wanted and will respond in kind to the attention they receive from you.


dog with training sign

Proper training for your dog is a must if you want to build a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Like any relationship it can become strained unless both parties are on the same page - and you, as the owner, are responsible for making sure that happens.

An untrained dog can quickly become frustrated and confused as to what their owners want.

Mixed messages from you adds to the frustration for the dog and, as a consequence, the bonding process between both of you can become stalled or even go backwards.

If you don't think training is necessary or you haven't thought about it, do yourself and your dog a favor by either signing up to a training system you can do at home or by attending a professional training center with your dog. 

You (and your dog) will be glad you did.

We all care for our kids but we also know that we have to help guide them when they make mistakes or if their behavior isn't acceptable. The same concept is true when it comes to our relationship with our dogs.

Getting the balance right of loving them as well as teaching and disciplining them isn't always easy - but it's a must if you want your dog to love you unconditionally as well.